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I" met Kelly years ago, she was my insurance agent. Some years later she came by and she had lost so much weight I didn't recognize her. She told me how she lost weight. I started following Kelly some months before I decided to become a member of forrealfoodie. The was the best decision I ever made. Not only did I lose weight, I feel GREAT.  I no longer suffer from indigestion and acid reflux now that I eat healthy and stay away from meat which was my biggest struggle. Plus living this way has given me more energy. I have lost 60 pounds and it's all because of Kelly and the forrealfoodie program." 

-Mamie F.


"Being introduced to the forrealfoodie program changed my relationship with food. The information that Kelly provides is priceless and has changed my life. She is an amazing coach and is always there to support and encourage you."

-Stacey N.


"My name is Kamala and I have been on the program for over a year and I have maintained my current weight. When I started the program I was 172 pounds. I am proud to say that I dropped down to 150 pounds within a few months. I am still losing and I look and feel better than ever. Thanks Kelly and forrealfoodie - FORREAL."

-Kamala K.


"I started this journey with Kelly about a year ago.  With Kelly's help and her being so supportive by texting and calling me with questions all times of the day, I started at 147 pounds and am now maintaining a weight of 113 pounds. I have figured out what works for me and what works for me is the plant-based diet. Thank you for all your support, help and prayers." 

-Lynn B.

"I have been a ForRealFoodie member since June 2022.  Kelly is a health coach that is knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging.  Her passion for helping others and her plant based lifestyle education book using Bible Principles often help me to reflect and stay/get back on track. Kelly’s coaching provided me with a personalized experience: a specific meal plan according to my food preferences, a wealth of electronic and educational video resources, and personal support with encouraging texts and phone calls to check-in or answer questions. I highly recommend Kelly Ridgeway and the ForRealFoodie program to anyone interested in wanting a healthier lifestyle."

-Michele H., Registered Nurse

We all have a testimony?

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