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Green Vegetables Juice

forrealfoodie Online Educational Program

With the forrealfoodie online educational program, only available when purchased with the PREMIUM package, you'll learn...

  1. How to successfully start and maintain a Whole Food Plant Based Diet

  2. How to determine the difference between a God-ordained health challenge and a preventable/reversible chronic disease that is NOT God’s Will for your life

  3. How to apply your faith to a healthy lifestyle

  4. The difference between being healed of a chronic disease and “satisfactorily” managing and maintaining chronic diseases 

  5. How to determine if food has become “a God” to you.

  6. How to prevent and reverse a hosts of diseases through a Biblical approach to diet and lifestyle

  7. How to be a good steward over your body

  8. The variety of delicious and satisfying foods available to eat and tips on how to enjoy them. 

  9. The specific benefits to your health from plant based foods 

  10. How protein, fat, fiber, cholesterol and inflammation affect your body

You will also learn the Biblical importance of:

  1. Fasting

  2. Physical Training

  3. Herbs

  4. Water

  5. Essential Oils

  6. Rest

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